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Spent a brilliant few hours with Dub Fx jamming out some rather splendid beats with Loopy.

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Ableton Link: it’s gonna be huge! Stay tuned for more announcements soon. 

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A few people mentioned that they wanted to see the technical stuff that I discarded from the last video. I promise nothing, but here it is, sans-Benny Hill theme music.

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I’ve just finished working on Loopy’s audio playback system, which streams the various layers that make up a track from disk. This episode I’m talking about how that works, and how I’m handling quality control.

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Beautifying code with Alfred

Here’s an Alfred workflow which will perform some prettifying code alignments in the currently-selected text when a hotkey is pressed. It works on instance and struct members, assignments and hey, maybe other things.

Yay, prettier code!

Perform Code Alignment.alfredworkflow

Here’s a video of it in action:

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Building stuff! I’ve been working on track recording and layering lately. This episode I’m talking about the complexities involved in non-destructive layering, and how I’m making sure everything’s rock-solid via unit testing.

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Not dead, you guys. Just working on something I’m not quite ready to show you yet. It’ll be worth the wait, though.

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Back home again, and working on Loopy Masterpiece’s action infrastructure: this is how Masterpiece’s universal action triggering and sequencing is probably going to function, allowing for a non-destructive workflow and performance automation, among other cool things.

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