DVD-R media guide

 Images Blank-DvdsI’ve been using some ‘mag media’ blank DVDs I bought at JB HIFI, and they’ve given me a bit of grief. I’ve had a number of failed burns, and in one instance, my DivX player wouldn’t read a disc that had been burned a couple of weeks earlier.

I’m almost out of blanks, so I thought I’d dig a little deeper to see if I could find a brand that would be more reliable. I came across this blank DVD media quality guide, which gives a rundown on the different blank DVD media out there.

Pioneer, Verbatim, Hitachi Maxell, Sony and TDK, among others, are apparently very good. Some discs produced by Ricoh and Ritek and others are decent. Discs by Samsung, Princo, InfoMedia (which is where the disks I currently have came from) are questionable in quality, and media from…a whole lot of other manufacturers I’ve never heard of, are apparently ‘pathetic garbage’ (this is the ‘no name’ stuff you’ll find on eBay and in the crappier stores).

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