One-way blogs are irritating; E-paper disposability

I’m annoyed by blogs that don’t allow people to post comments! One of the exciting elements of the blogosphere is the two-way nature of it, and the ability to create global discussions anywhere, on any topic, where anyone at all can comment. It’s exciting because it’s democratic and egalitarian, the way the Internet should be!

So, sites like Gizmodo that require an ‘invitation’ to get an account to post comments are quite annoying. Disallowing any rebuttal or discussion, except to those one deems worthy, seems very un-democratic!

Anyway, what put me on to this rant was this article on flexible LCD screens, which demands a comment, after their statement regarding being one step closer to the “Holy Grail of electronic displays: crumpling them up throwing them in the trash like basketballs”:

Who on earth wants to do that? How is the ability to throw away flexible screens, thereby creating more e-waste, a Holy Grail? Unless it’s just me, that seems to entirely defeat the purpose of reusable ‘E-paper’, apart from the obvious environmental issues of yet more non-biodegradable waste.

We live in such an irresponsible culture!

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