Whoa. Ringleader over on the Loopy forum made an incredible suggestion I wanted to share with you verbatim:

Maybe a sequencer track type that could be added as an option on the design screen just like any other track? Maybe include both a “live” and more manual “step” way of configuring the sequence.

It would be cool if the sequencer track(s) could be pre-configured and saved in a song’s session template, then live record the audio to the same track locations as set in the sequence, so the main song format is all pre-set but all of the audio is still recorded live per performance.

Or choose to put the entire song on rails where you use one midi button to step through all of the pre-set sequenced steps which would take care of all the track managing for you! Or maybe this is all already possible in the new binding configuration you’ve already developed…

…and then the pièce de résistance:

If the sequence track behaved like any other track type and is located on the workspace, then it could use other track options (such as having a group of sequencer tracks where only one plays at a time) and be easily accessible and provide some live automation control for people who don’t use midi bindings.

Since Loopy MPE is now essentially a multi-channel/track DAW, and tracks aren’t all being combined and dumped into a stereo output, having the tracks sequenced would allow you to build song parts separately on different tracks and have them play back as added/removed musical layers. Add the shaker and layered vocals to the last chorus only. Add that quirky ambient intro guitar solo behind the second verse but not the first. A sequence could make this type of stuff easy to do in a live setting without tap dancing and greatly remove the number of buttons required on a midi controller, while still providing a level of spontaneity that baked pre-recorded tracks do not.

Regarding the other control options (faders) you are planning to add to the workspace, maybe those could be automated too so that effects could also be controlled by the sequence. The sequencer track could be the solution that takes live looping to an entirely new level – allowing one to focus more on the performance and audience instead of managing the looper. Powerful stuff!

How cool would that be? A gold freakin’ star to Ringleader.

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