Wow. Some great suggestions coming in already! I have a big Evernote document full of notes.

Some of my favourites:

  • Larry Seyer over on the Loopy forum suggested putting together a bunch of pre-configured templates to match the functionality of existing looper hardware, to make transitioning over to Loopy really easy.
  • I’ve heard a number of variations on the theme of loop splicing: Tobias Rauck (a.k.a. obiwahnkentobi) proposed splitting loops into segments and muting/unmuting each segment, and even time-offsetting them. That was echoed by Tickletiger on the AB forum, who proposed a ‘cake cutter’ interface which splits loops into equal pieces, then lets you slide them in and out to adjust amplitude, or even remove them altogether, time-stretching the other slices to fit.
  • I’ve also heard a really good suggestion by Oliver Imseng about audio quantisation with transient analysis and warp markers.
  • Wally over on the Loopy forum wrote a good summary of the two kinds of track groupings that folks are going to want to use.

Keep it coming!

More for you tomorrow.

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