Here’re some of my favourite new suggestions from people:

  • Tristan Maduro proposed clip-based automation (which are stored and play back with the loop, as opposed to on the global timeline).
  • Lushr proposed iterative, looping takes, where you continually record over and over, and then pick the best takes from those recordings.
  • Oliver proposed on-screen controls to send MIDI CCs out to other devices and apps.
  • Cimon and CPRophy suggested effects that feed back into track input, for some twisted track degeneration.

I’ve also had heaps of requests for loop slicing and manipulation, which sounds cool. Might need to be a separate app, though (although with iOS 8’s extensions, it’d integrate really nicely).

Finally, my favourite entreaties have been to maintain Loopy’s usability and simplicity in Masterpiece. People have complimented the ease of use factor in Loopy, and a few have emailed me to urge caution; not to overcomplicate. That’s priority number one for me: there’s no point having a tool with a billion widgets, wodgets and thromdimulators if it’s a chore to use.

I’ve asked those voices of restraint to help keep me in check during this design stage, a request which goes for you guys too! I do have a tendency to run headlong into complexity, as you’ll see from my rather catastrophic audio routing mockups next week, so I’d appreciate the feedback in the weeks to come. Be brutal (lord knows, Sebastian will be ;-)).

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