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The Cartographer featured in “What’s Hot” on the App Store

We were rather thrilled this morning to see that Apple have featured The Cartographer in the “What’s Hot” section on the App Store! That’s the second feature this month, after being featured under “New and Noteworthy” — I guess someone up there (in Cupertino!) likes us.

So, that’s our Christmas made merry!*

May yours be too.

* (but, you know, you could always make it merrier by nominating The Cartographer for the Best App Ever awards!)

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Announcing The Cartographer 1.1, with Offline Map Downloading, Map Search, and Bulk Publishing

We’ve just released The Cartographer version 1.1!

New features include:

  • Bulk-download offline maps
  • View placemarks in a list, mass-publish placemarks, and search placemarks
  • Search the map for street names, towns, landmarks and more

The Cartographer Version 1.1 with Offline Map Downloading and List View Our biggest and most-requested new feature is offline map downloading — now, you can select a whole map region to download, and a level of detail, and The Cartographer will download the entire street map to your iPhone, for viewing offline. This video shows how it works.

The second main new feature is map searching, so you can search for places by name. A tap converts search results to placemarks you can add to your map.

Bulk placemark publishing lets you make lots of placemarks while you’re away from Internet access, and then when you have Internet access, publish them to your map all at once.

And finally, a new list view shows you all placemarks on your map, ordered by how far away they are. You can also search your placemarks by their name or description.

We hope you like The Cartographer 1.1! We sure do.

Grab it on the iPhone App Store for $3.99.

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Coming soon: Bulk downloading of offline maps

Here’s something I’ve just finished working on, ready for release very soon: Offline map downloading.

You can grab The Cartographer on the iPhone App Store — version 1.1 will be available shortly, and is a free update. When we release version 1.1, we’ll be ending our introductory 50% off sale, so grab a copy soon before the price goes up!

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Apple’s New and Noteworthy Apps: The Cartographer

The Cartographer New and Noteworthy Google maps mobile GPS markers.png

The all-powerful, benevolent Apple gods have smiled on The Cartographer and deemed it New & Noteworthy! We’re pretty chuffed, as you can imagine!

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2010 Best App Ever Awards

The Best App Ever Awards is a noble institution: “Honour the best, not just the best selling”, is their catch-cry. We’ve received some love through this award in the past with our app, “Loopy” being a finalist in the category of Best Musical Instrument App in 2008.

If you like our newest app, The Cartographer, please consider nominating it for the Best App Ever Awards. You can nominate the app in more than one category so, you know, feel free to click on all three! Our sincere thanks you shall have.

The Cartographer
Best Visual Design
The Cartographer
Best Travel App
The Cartographer
Best Navigation App
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Tip: Use The Cartographer for Errands Such as the Thanksgiving Shopping

Remembering every errand, every grocery item to be bought and where to buy it can be a challenge at the best of times, let alone when you’re organising a big event like Thanksgiving dinner.

The Cartographer isn’t only handy for travellers. Plot your errands — like your Thanksgiving grocery shopping — using Google My Maps:

The Cartographer iPhone App Thanksgiving Shopping.jpg

Then sync with The Cartographer on your iPhone:

The Cartographer iPhone App Thanksgiving Shopping.jpg

Have all your notes — things to buy at each shop, opening hours or phone numbers — on your iPhone:

The Cartographer iPhone App Thanksgiving Shopping.jpg

Get everything done more efficiently by deciding which errand to run next based on proximity with a quick glance of the map!

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Harry Potter Self-Guided Sightseeing Map of the UK

It’s that heady time again, folks – when those of us who wish there was a tad more magic in the world froth with excited happiness at the release of a new Harry Potter movie. If you’re headed to Old Blighty and are rather fond of a certain wizardly young man with an unruly mop of black hair, then you should seriously consider a spot of Harry Potter sightseeing. The movies were filmed in some truly beautiful places, from achingly pretty Scottish lochs and mountainscapes to exquisitely elaborate Gothic cathedrals, abbeys and cloisters.

I’ve taken the liberty of plotting some of the sites where the movies were filmed on Google Maps, with notes on each.

View Harry Potter Sightseeing Map in a larger map

If you’d like to use this map on your iPhone with The Cartographer:

  1. Tap the + button in the Map Room
  2. Tap “Add Online Map”
  3. After “URL” type:

Alternatively, if you’re viewing this on the iPhone, just tap here.



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Win Chris Guillebeau’s “Travel Master Kit”

Help us celebrate our launch by entering our competition. Simply spread the word for a chance to win Chris Guillebeau’s Travel Master Kit valued at $129. Includes his “Frequent Flyer Master ebook”, the original “Discount Airfare Guide ebook”, and “Travel Ninja ebook”, complete with bonuses.

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