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Thirteen Months of Audiobus

Tomorrow, Monday December 10, my friend and partner-in-crime Sebastian Dittmann and I are launching a project over twelve months in the making: Audiobus. We’re very proud of what we’ve managed to do, and we both firmly believe that Audiobus is going to fundamentally alter the way people create music on the iPad and iPhone.

You can find out more about Audiobus itself at, but I wanted to take a moment to breathe, look back, and explain why the hell I’ve been so quiet over the last year. Read More »

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Three Years On The Road: The Story So Far

My partner Katherine and I just hit the three year point of our adventure abroad. Here’s the story so far, over on our travel blog:

Three Years On The Road

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99¢ Sale

The Cartographer iPhone App Google Maps The Cartographer is on sale for a limited time for 75% off its regular price. 99¢ is all it takes to travel the world with personalized, annotated, customized Google maps! Go forth and be frugally itinerant!

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Living the dream

Us at Hampstead Heath in London Just in case it’s of interest to any current readers of this blog, I’ve created a new blog where I’m fairly diligently (at least, for now) chronicling our adventures as we re-invent our lives travelling Europe for a few years in a motorhome.

Read about it here

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Links for March 6th through March 16th

Links for March 6th through March 16th:

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