TVSync syncs your TV episodes with iTunes and your iPod or iPhone

TVSync-logo.png I’ve just created a glorified bash script that will intelligently (hopefully) synchronise downloaded or recorded episodes from TV shows with an iTunes library.

From the website:

This utility will automatically transfer video files of TV series (such as those downloaded from Bittorrent or recorded from TV) into iTunes for transfer onto an iPod/iPhone. It can import shows into a local iTunes library, or a remote iTunes library, over SSH.

Whenever the utility is run (automatically, every half hour), episodes from the configured shows will be converted to an iPod-compatible format, and imported into iTunes. The utility will do its best to set the correct metadata, including setting the items as type ‘TV Show’, and downloading episode titles from IMDB if it can’t be found from the filename.

Install it with the provided package, and it automatically is registered with crontab, to run every half hour. It can be configured to run locally (syncing with a local iTunes installation), or remotely, over SSH.

It works with almost anything downloaded, and with EyeTV.

Check it out at the TVSync page.

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