A Tasty Pixel’s store and Talkie for Mac Premium

I’m happy to announce that the store is now open for business! We accept PayPal and all major credit cards, in four currencies.

Talkie for Mac 1.0 is now available, and can be registered to access the features of Talkie for Mac Premium:

  • Talk to others using the free version of Talkie for Mac
  • Push-to-talk calls with anyone over the Internet, coming next in Talkie for Mac 2.0

…On top of the features of the free version of Talkie for Mac, of course:

  • Zero-configuration operation: Start Talkie, and start talking
  • 12 distinct channels
  • Configurable global hotkey to transmit while performing other tasks
  • Unobtrusive interface
  • Incoming and outgoing audio indicators
  • Mute facility
  • Talk to others using Talkie for iPhone or Talkie for Mac Premium.
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