Apple iTunes Connect Trend/Transaction Report Processor

Process Transaction Reports

I’ve written a droplet which takes a transaction report, as downloaded from iTunes Connect and containing a summary of sales, and produces a single figure representing the total earnings, in a particular currency.

Because the report shows sales for each separate region, a bit of work is required to get a total earnings figure, involving multiplying royalties by number of sales for each region, and then converting each currency type and adding all results together. This droplet does it all for you – just drop the downloaded text file from iTunes Connect onto it and it’ll bring up a summary. A preferences window allows configuration of the currency.

Currency conversion information provided by


p>Download it here: Process Transaction Reports droplet

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  1. Posted August 19, 2009 at 6:15 pm | Permalink

    Any chance you can release the xcode project would like to make some improvements.