Introducing Talkie

Talkie A Tasty Pixel’s new application has hit the App Store: Talkie!

This bad boy stands out from the crowd with an engine that works not only over Bluetooth, but also over WiFi networks. Talkie will broadcast over the network so that any other iPhones running the same app — or any Macs running Talkie for Mac — will pick up the signal. No setup needed, it just works.

Should be great for uni students, or folks in large offices, and Talkie for Mac should fill the gaps for those without iPhones.

Talkie for Mac will come in a free edition, which offers two-way communication with the paid versions of Talkie, and the ‘pro’ edition which works with everything. That means you only need to buy one copy, then set your friends up with the free version to talk away.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a little about Talkie’s guts and development, so stay tuned.

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