Building stuff! I’ve been working on track recording and layering lately. This episode I’m talking about the complexities involved in non-destructive layering, and how I’m making sure everything’s rock-solid via unit testing.

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Not dead, you guys. Just working on something I’m not quite ready to show you yet. It’ll be worth the wait, though.

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Back home again, and working on Loopy Masterpiece’s action infrastructure: this is how Masterpiece’s universal action triggering and sequencing is probably going to function, allowing for a non-destructive workflow and performance automation, among other cool things.

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I’ve been doing some work under the hood this week: working on Loopy Masterpiece’s data model and figuring out how sessions are going to be stored on disk. The answer: Core Data.

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Some more progress on Masterpiece’s prototype, although I got a little tiny bit lost on a tangent. This week I’m talking about graphics performance and reacquainting myself with OpenGL, and affordance in animation. Also, I found an amusing little piece of memorabilia.

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Well, this week didn’t go quite as planned. I think I broke my own spirit. Oh well! Maybe next week.

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An iTunes Connect screenshot management workflow

Ugh – iTunes Connect is really annoying to use when it comes to screenshots. There’re some third party tools out there, but it was still too hands-on for my workflow.

So I wrote a little script that does the stuff I want. I have a Sketch document that exports all the screenshots, and the script updates the iTunes Connect metadata XML appropriately.

In case it’s useful to anyone else:


  1. Work on screenshots

  2. Setup:

    alias iTMSTransporter="/Applications/\"

  3. Grab latest ITMS data:

    iTMSTransporter -m lookupMetadata -u [email protected] -p password -vendor_id APPVENDORID -destination YourApp.itmsp

  4. Open up the metadata.xml and remove the fields you don’t want to change – this is probably going to be the currently-live version, and maybe the product info at the bottom.

  5. Export all the screenshots into the itmsp package folder

  6. Run this tool (update_itmsp_screenshots.php YourApp.itmsp)

  7. Check that everything looks okay

  8. Verify

    iTMSTransporter -m verify -u [email protected] -p password -f YourApp.itmsp

  9. Upload

    iTMSTransporter -m upload -u [email protected] -p password -f YourApp.itmsp

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I’m back, and doing some prototyping this week. Look! It moves!

Stick around (and be sure to subscribe) if you’re interested in trying out the prototype app when it’s ready.

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