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Links for December 29th through January 28th

Links for December 29th through January 28th:

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Apple iTunes Connect Trend/Transaction Report Processor

Process Transaction Reports

I’ve written a droplet which takes a transaction report, as downloaded from iTunes Connect and containing a summary of sales, and produces a single figure representing the total earnings, in a particular currency.

Because the report shows sales for each separate region, a bit of work is required to get a total earnings figure, involving multiplying royalties by number of sales for each region, and then converting each currency type and adding all results together. This droplet does it all for you – just drop the downloaded text file from iTunes Connect onto it and it’ll bring up a summary. A preferences window allows configuration of the currency.

Currency conversion information provided by


p>Download it here: Process Transaction Reports droplet

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Links for November 24th through December 9th

Links for November 24th through December 9th:

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RSS aggregation for PHP

I have written a mechanism in PHP that can take several RSS feeds, filter and manipulate them, and re-display them in either RSS or straight HTML.

This can also manipulate content (through the preg_replace function, and configurable per-feed), such as removing names from Twitter entries. I’m using it on to show all relevant items from both this blog and my Twitter feed automatically, as an alternative to creating a separate blog. I’m also using it on this blog, to incorporate blog entries and Twitter postings.

It uses the MagpieRSS RSS parser for PHP, which provides some nice functionality, including caching.

Here’s the code:

To use it, unzip it to somewhere in your webroot, then edit aggregate.php and possibly rss.php to set your configuration. Make sure that either the aggregate directory is writable, or create a ‘cache’ directory within and make that writeable, to enable caching. Point your web browser to the rss.php file to immediately view an RSS feed aggregating your supplied feeds. To add a link to the RSS from a website, add it in the header:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS Feed" href="" />

To include content in a website, the provided render_aggregate_items function will do most of the work, or you can write your own rendering code. You just have to include the file, use the functions to obtain and draw the content, and then provide your own CSS styling. Example:

<div class="items">

A more comprehensive example is in sample.php.

The code is GPL, so use it however you want – keep the header comments there, though.

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Links for November 13th through November 17th

Links for November 13th through November 17th:

  • How to Price Your iPhone App out of Existence Write-up on the dangers of pricing an iPhone app too low, and the need to 'correct' the market
  • Open Radar Community-driven, open Apple bug reports
  • Free Australian Postcode location data "…Both the original CSV is available zipped below and contains Postcode, Suburb, Latitude and Longitude, a MySQL dump of the data is also available in a Zip file below. You can also download the PHP functions we coded to interface with the MySQL database. Simply call the postcode_dist() function with the two postcodes as shown in the example and you'll have a result in Kilometers returned quite quickly, these functions are freely available under the BSD licence."
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