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Loop the World

Musician and Loopy user Gaspard Bonnefoy has just set out on an adventure around the world, live-looping with people from all around the planet. His first stop is Dubai, where he met up with sax player Daniel Contreras. Definitely a journey worth following! (Facebook, YouTube)

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Loopy HD is coming

Loopy HD is on its way: It will be available on October 6. Stay tuned!

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Loopy HD interface preview video

Here’s a short preview of Loopy HD’s interface:

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Hey Just J reviews and demos Loopy

Here’s a review and great little demo of Loopy version 2 by looper Hey Just J:

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Dub FX and Loopy 2

Check it out:

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Another, more complete, Loopy 2 demo, with singing and everything

Bear with me here – I’m a software developer, not a looper!

This is an early preview of Loopy 2 for iPhone (and soon iPad). Six tracks, simple touch controls. Tap a track to start recording, tap it again to stop. Tap in the middle to overdub, or elsewhere to mute the track. Drag one track onto another to merge instantly (not shown in this demo – another time!).

Inbuilt tempo settings (including live audio scaling, if you change the tempo mid-session), full stereo audio, volume and pan settings.

There’s plenty more, and I’ll demo them all in the weeks to come. Subscribe here, or over at to stay tuned!

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Loopy 2’s drum sequencer early preview

I’ve been busy over the past few days!

No percussion type icons yet, but the rest is basically there:

  • Full zoom/pan interface for use on an iPhone screen (although this was the simulator, operated with a mouse cursor).
  • Two velocity levels available for each cell (127 volume levels supported in the back end, but not in the interface yet)
  • 12 instruments
  • Custom sound set support, so you can built your own kit from your own sample set and import it into Loopy

This is unlikely to be in Loopy 2.0, but expect it around version 2.1.

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A new Loopy 2 feature: Track twisting

A new feature of my upcoming looper app Loopy 2 that I just implemented in the last 15 minutes: Grab a track and twist it to offset it in the timeline, and hear the results, live. Great for adjusting minor timing problems, or mucking about with the sound.

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