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Featured Artist: Benjamin Poole

Love Theme (feat. the Tiny Instrument Orchestra)(Loopy) by benjaminpoole

Benjamin Poole’s creations with Loopy are beautifully whimsical, uplifting and sometimes melancholy tracks that feature second-hand and vintage toy instruments that Benjamin has found via Craigslist and through friends.

Judging by the quality of his work, I’d assumed that Benjamin was a professional musician experimenting with Loopy, but to my surprise, this is just his hobby: Benjamin’s a full time Communications major!

Benjamin can be found posting to SoundCloud as benjaminpoole.

Good Morning (Loopy Experiment) by benjaminpoole

You can hear what others are doing with Loopy at Loopy’s very active SoundClound group.

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Featured Artist: Ian Ljungquist

There’s some very interesting things emerging from Loopy’s user base lately, and I thought I’d start writing about some artists who are using Loopy to great effect.

McKittrick by Breakable Plans

Ian Ljungquist sings in and writes for 4-piece Brooklyn-based indie-rock band Me You Us Them. Since discovering Loopy, Ian has begun a new experimental solo project entitled “Breakable Plans“, in which he explores the medium by creating loop-based music spontaneously and with whatever’s on hand at the time. In his words:

“I’ve always loved making loops. Creating loop-based music has been a passion of mine since I first discovered the extremely limited loop function on an old Line 6 Echo Pro delay rack unit.”

“I’ve been having so much fun with [Loopy] that I decided to turn it into a project in which I embrace, and even place emphasis on the limitations of the process. The idea behind “Breakable Plans” is that I just very casually and spontaneously record when I feel the urge, using only Loopy for iPhone, my voice, and whatever else is laying around.”

Ian’s unique deep-layering recording technique yields some fascinating results, lending a depth and scale to his “vocal electronic” productions that defy their humble iPhone-based origins.

Definitely someone to keep an eye on, Ian continues to post his creations on SoundCloud under the “Breakable Plans” moniker.

Right Where I’m Supposed To Be by Breakable Plans

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