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Introducing The Cartographer Clipper: Clip any website to Google My Maps

The Cartographer Clipper I’m pleased to present The Cartographer Clipper, the perfect accompaniment to The Cartographer!

The Clipper is a bookmarklet that works in any modern web browser, and lets you clip information from any website — hotel directories, restaurant websites, even forum postings — to Google My Maps. Addresses are auto-discovered via some super-sleuthing magic, images pulled out and any selected text is placed into the description.

You can save to an existing map, or create a new one on the spot.

It’s great for doing travel or errand research — find a good hostel (or just the closest Apple store!), just click the “Clipper” button, then “Save”, and it’ll appear on your maps in The Cartographer, all automatically.

It’s free for use, and all it needs is any modern web browser, and a Google account.

Install The Cartographer Clipper here.

It’s still in beta, so do let me know if you have any trouble!

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Links for November 24th through December 9th

Links for November 24th through December 9th:

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Links for November 13th through November 17th

Links for November 13th through November 17th:

  • How to Price Your iPhone App out of Existence Write-up on the dangers of pricing an iPhone app too low, and the need to 'correct' the market
  • Open Radar Community-driven, open Apple bug reports
  • Free Australian Postcode location data "…Both the original CSV is available zipped below and contains Postcode, Suburb, Latitude and Longitude, a MySQL dump of the data is also available in a Zip file below. You can also download the PHP functions we coded to interface with the MySQL database. Simply call the postcode_dist() function with the two postcodes as shown in the example and you'll have a result in Kilometers returned quite quickly, these functions are freely available under the BSD licence."
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