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Experiences setting up Potion Store

I wrote recently on some options I was considering for A Tasty Pixel’s store. Rather than going with a service like Kagi or eSellerate, I decided to build the store upon Potion Factory’s Potion Store, which is free and open-source — the latter being a big draw, as it means infinite customisability. Potion Factory have done a wonderful thing for the indie Mac developer community! Together with PayPal’s ‘Website Payments Standard’ service, which offers quite reasonable fees, all my needs were addressed.

So, I thought I’d follow up by writing about my experiences putting it all together.

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Keeping iChat and Adium status in sync with Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for a while now, and I’ve just started doing ‘global’ status updates across Twitter, Facebook, and my instant messenger account statuses for iChat and Adium. Usually I use MoodBlast, a really nice application which lets me use a global keyboard shortcut to quickly enter a tweet and hit enter to update everything simultaneously.

However, if I want to update from, say, Twinkle on my iPhone (side-note: Wow, Tapulous need to do some serious SEO – their Twitter site isn’t even on the first page of Google hits. I’m on the first page of Google hits for it, ferchrissake) the sync won’t happen. This Ruby script will do the trick.

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