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Sparrow users beware: Bug sends prior draft instead of latest email version

Update: The Sparrow guys tell me they’ve found and nailed the bug, and will release the fix in 1.4 in late September.

I’ve just discovered a critical issue with Sparrow that I thought others should be warned of. It just bit me, big-time, when in the middle of an important negotiation with a third party, an earlier unpolished draft was sent out instead of the final email, when I experienced a momentary Internet connection dropout.

Sparrow has an issue where hitting “Send”, in unreliable network conditions, on a draft message that has been modified, results in a prior copy of the message being sent, rather than the latest version.

To replicate this issue reliably:

  1. Create a new message (Cmd-N)
  2. Specify a recipient (oneself), subject, and some body content (say, the letter “A”)
  3. Hit “Save”, to save the draft
  4. Change “A” to “B”, then disconnect the network connection (in my case, turning off the radio on my external WiFi adapter), then hit “Send”. Sparrow will report a failed connection, and will keep the outgoing message with state “Pending”
  5. Restore network connection. Upon detecting the restored connection, Sparrow will proceed to send the message
  6. Check email. Received test email will have “A” in the email body.

Scary stuff. I hope they’ll fix this soon, but it’s going to make the app difficult to trust in future!

Update: I should mention, a probable workaround for this is to never, ever hit “Send” until you’ve saved the draft, and verified that the save operation has completed (perhaps even restart the app first).

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Loopy 2 launch – now with real fruit pieces

Loopy 2 I’m very pleased to announce the launch of our new app, Loopy 2! It’s a pretty, easy-to-use but feature-packed looper for making music by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing or playing an instrument (or banging cutlery together).

It’s currently on sale for launch, so take a look! We’re very proud of it.

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Post Grabber sniffs out POST data, generates curl scripts

Post Grabber screenshotEvery now and then I find myself needing to automate some web requests, either to download using something a little more robust than a web browser, scrape some web content, or to maintain a session. That automation can be a bit of a pain if there’s a form submission involved, because it means opening up the page source, finding the form and any connected javascript code, and figuring out what fields are submitted.

A little utility I just put together does that for you: Post Grabber detects POST data and generates an equivalent “curl” command that can be used in shell or Automator scripts.

Post Grabber works with its own internal browser, so it can intercept POST submissions directly. That means it works with HTTPS, unlike the traditional web sniffer approach.

Download the app, or see the source on GitHub.

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Internet Timer keeps track of your timed Internet usage

Internet Timer iconI threw this utility app together last year, in order to keep track of our Internet usage on a time-limited account. This is a piece of software that lives quietly in your menubar, until an Internet connection is detected. Then, it will count how long you’ve been online, showing a timer in the menubar.


  • Detects your Internet connection automatically, or you can start and stop the timer manually.
  • Keep a log of your usage, including weekly, monthly, and all-time totals, and daily average, with the ability to reset these.
  • Time in configurable blocks of time, if your carrier charges in blocks (e.g., 15 minutes) Read More »
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Announcing The Cartographer 1.1, with Offline Map Downloading, Map Search, and Bulk Publishing

We’ve just released The Cartographer version 1.1!

New features include:

  • Bulk-download offline maps
  • View placemarks in a list, mass-publish placemarks, and search placemarks
  • Search the map for street names, towns, landmarks and more

The Cartographer Version 1.1 with Offline Map Downloading and List View Our biggest and most-requested new feature is offline map downloading — now, you can select a whole map region to download, and a level of detail, and The Cartographer will download the entire street map to your iPhone, for viewing offline. This video shows how it works.

The second main new feature is map searching, so you can search for places by name. A tap converts search results to placemarks you can add to your map.

Bulk placemark publishing lets you make lots of placemarks while you’re away from Internet access, and then when you have Internet access, publish them to your map all at once.

And finally, a new list view shows you all placemarks on your map, ordered by how far away they are. You can also search your placemarks by their name or description.

We hope you like The Cartographer 1.1! We sure do.

Grab it on the iPhone App Store for $3.99.

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Coming soon: Bulk downloading of offline maps

Here’s something I’ve just finished working on, ready for release very soon: Offline map downloading.

You can grab The Cartographer on the iPhone App Store — version 1.1 will be available shortly, and is a free update. When we release version 1.1, we’ll be ending our introductory 50% off sale, so grab a copy soon before the price goes up!

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Software Should Be Beautiful

The Cartographer iPhone App Sneak-peek.jpg

Software should be beautiful, and should be a pleasure to use. The Cartographer combines antique cartography styling with cutting edge technology. On the iPhone 4’s Retina display, The Cartographer flaunts stunning high-resolution graphics.

Win 1 of 15 Free Copies of The Cartographer

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Win Chris Guillebeau’s “Travel Master Kit”

  1. Follow @ATastyPixel on Twitter.
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The Contest ends November 25th, 2010 at midnight GMT. The winner will be notified via direct message on Twitter.

There is no restriction to the number of entries so tweet your little hearts out!

Chris Guillebeau’s “Travel Master Kit” includes three e-books – “Frequent Flyer Master”, the “Discount Airfare Guide”, and “Travel Ninja”, complete with bonuses. Read more.

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Reginald RegEx explorer

With a desperate need to debug a lengthy regular expression destined for use with the excellent RegexKitLite library, I have quickly put together a Mac OS X application.

Reginald icon Reginald is a kindly old gentleman devoted to assisting you with those tricky regular expressions.

Provide some sample input, and your regular expression, and Reginald will provide you with colour-coded output and a list of all your matches and the corresponding capture groups for your exploration. Select a match or capture group in the list to the right, and the corresponding text will be selected in the panel to the left.

Reginald is built on RegexKitLite, and so uses the ICU syntax.

It will run on Mac OS X 10.6 and above.

Download Reginald here, or access the source on GitHub.

Reginald screenshot

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