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99¢ Sale

The Cartographer iPhone App Google Maps The Cartographer is on sale for a limited time for 75% off its regular price. 99¢ is all it takes to travel the world with personalized, annotated, customized Google maps! Go forth and be frugally itinerant!

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This made my day: An App Store review

App Store reviews often seem to be an odd mix of bile and vitriol, misplaced support requests, and glowing praise, making my routine App Store review-sweep somewhat of a rollercoaster!

This time around, though, this review of The Cartographer made my day (this is the kind of person I write apps for!), and I had to post it here: Read More »

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The Cartographer makes third place in Best Travel App

The Cartographer: Third place for Best Travel App in 2010 Best App Ever AwardsThe results for Best App Ever 2010 are in, and The Cartographer has come third for Best Travel App!

We’re pretty thrilled! (and hey, Trip Journal and Where To? definitely earned the top spots)

Thanks heaps to those who voted!

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The Cartographer featured on the App Store

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The Cartographer 1.2 is here, with awesome navigation features

The Cartographer Google My Maps iPhone App v1.2 with compass We’ve recently released version 1.2 of our vintage-styled Google My Maps app The Cartographer!

The new version introduces Navigon support, so you can get turn-by-turn navigation to any placemark on your map — this is great for researching then running errands, home or abroad. For example, need a new iPad? Search for “Apple Store” on Google Maps, click “Save To…” and choose a My Map (or use the new Clipper on any webpage with an address), then open it in The Cartographer, select the new placemark, and navigate there. Totally seamless.

The other new feature is an in-app compass which provides bearing and distance information to the selected placemark. A needle points to your destination, while the dial shows which way’s north. Particularly useful for hiking — we used this just the other week in Exmoor National Park, and it was indispensable.

Grab The Cartographer 1.2 on the App Store, or find out more.

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Introducing The Cartographer Clipper: Clip any website to Google My Maps

The Cartographer Clipper I’m pleased to present The Cartographer Clipper, the perfect accompaniment to The Cartographer!

The Clipper is a bookmarklet that works in any modern web browser, and lets you clip information from any website — hotel directories, restaurant websites, even forum postings — to Google My Maps. Addresses are auto-discovered via some super-sleuthing magic, images pulled out and any selected text is placed into the description.

You can save to an existing map, or create a new one on the spot.

It’s great for doing travel or errand research — find a good hostel (or just the closest Apple store!), just click the “Clipper” button, then “Save”, and it’ll appear on your maps in The Cartographer, all automatically.

It’s free for use, and all it needs is any modern web browser, and a Google account.

Install The Cartographer Clipper here.

It’s still in beta, so do let me know if you have any trouble!

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The Cartographer is one of the 10 finalists for Best Travel App in Best App Ever 2010!

Vote for
The Cartographer
Best Travel App

I’m very excited to announce that The Cartographer is one of the 10 finalists in Best App Ever 2010’s Best Travel App category.

Thanks so much for your nominations!

Voting is now open until the 25th of January – please do! (And then tell all your friends!)

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Import maps from Google Earth to The Cartographer

Export from Google Earth to The CartographerI’ve just implemented a way to import maps from Google Earth, which, like Google My Maps, allows you to create and edit groups of placemarks.

It’s pretty easy:

  • Right-click on the group in Google Earth that you’d like to import (My Places to get everything)
  • Click “Email”
  • Address the email to [email protected]
  • Wait a minute or two, and you’ll get an email back
  • Tap the link, if you’re reading the email on your iPhone, and your new map will open straight up in The Cartograper. Otherwise, type the URL into The Cartographer’s “Add Online Map” feature, to load the map.


Side note: This also works with any old KML files you have lying around – just email them to [email protected].

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