The Amazing Audio Engine

The Amazing Audio Engine is a sophisticated framework for iOS audio applications, built so you don't have to.

It is designed to be very easy to work with, and handles all of the intricacies of iOS audio on your behalf.

Built upon the efficient and low-latency Core Audio Remote IO system, and written by one of the pioneers of iOS audio development and developer of Audiobus Michael Tyson, The Amazing Audio Engine lets you get to work on making your app great instead of reinventing the wheel.

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A UIViewController subclass that automatically manages portrait and landscape view layouts, without needing to manually sync view state between them.

License: MIT. — View on GitHubRead more


Drop-in UIScrollView and UITableView subclasses that automatically move text fields out from underneath the iOS keyboard when it appears.

License: Zlib. — View on GitHubRead more


An easy-to-use class that performs conversion of audio, from an audio file or via a data source method, to AAC-encoded m4a.

License: MIT. — View on GitHubRead more


A simple, fast circular buffer implementation in C, with a virtual memory mirroring technique to negate the need for buffer wrapping logic. Thread-safe with one producer and one consumer, and suitable for use with Core Audio realtime threads.

License: MIT. — View on GitHubRead more


A class providing similar functionality to CABasicAnimation, but for any object that supports key-value coding. Animate any property of any object.

License: BSD. — Download sourceRead more