Loopy is on sale

_media_images_products_loopy_screen-iphone.jpgLoopy, my loop-based musical instrument and musical notepad app, is going on sale in anticipation of Loopy 2, which is on its way, with a release expected a little later this year.

Here’s some recent feedback on Loopy (about which I’m thrilled!):

  • Loopy does more of what I wanted than my Boss looper pedal that I paid £180 for! CUJ1mmy
  • This app lets me get creative. The timing and sync is perfect and has a very polished interface. Joza coza
  • This is an example of someone going the extra mile to take advantage of what the iPhone can do – a refreshing change from the 1000’s of apps that all look, sound, and probably taste, the same. Apple – give this guy a job! Gerry

Grab Loopy for half price on the iPhone App Store!

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