Loopy HD 1.4 and Loopy 2.5 Bring Reverse and Decay; Loopy HD on 50% sale

Effects Update

Loopy News!

I’m happy to announce Loopy HD 1.4 and Loopy 2.5 – a significant update that brings the features most frequently requested by users: Reverse and decay.

Also – Loopy HD is 50% off!

You can access the new effects via the track menu, which can now be rotated to access the new menu items.

Reverse will play the track back in the reverse direction – you’ll see the position indicator move in the opposite direction. You can still do everything you usually can with reversed tracks, including position offsetting, overdubbing and merging.

Decay works while you are overdubbing a track: While it’s enabled, it will eat away at your track audio as you overdub new audio on top of it, fading away old layers as you make new ones.

There’s also a change to the way you finish track recordings: Now, when you punch out, Loopy will count out to the next cycle. That means you can tap the track at any time, and it’ll automatically end on the next cycle. To punch out immediately, tap twice. The first tap begins the count-out, and the second tap ends straight away.

New actions that can be triggered via MIDI or Bluetooth:

  • Toggle fading
  • Mute and play next muted track
  • Toggle record, mute, then start recording next track

More changes:

  • New tracks recorded that are multiples of the clock now always start at 12 o’clock
  • Audio engine tweak to now have sample-level latency compensation accuracy
  • Fixed bug with count-in quantize slider resetting
  • Fixed timing problem with blank loops from saved/autosaved sessions
  • Fixed an issue with recognizing MIDI note controls
  • Fixed some problems with re-record feature
  • Redesigned tutorial system
  • Make panel display selector always move in one direction when tapped on iPad

Loopy HD and Loopy are available on the App Store right now.

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  1. Noemi
    Posted July 23, 2013 at 8:41 pm | Permalink

    Hi! I’m a happy Loopy user. You’re app definitely helps me to record my vocals much easier than the other softwares that I use. Still, there’s one issue which I’m troubled with regarding when it’s coming about sharing the recorded session and return to the session view. On the Ipad there’s no problem with it, but using it now on the Ipod Touch 5th generation, the name of your recording and the small arrow that guides you back to the sessions view are layered, and it’s impossible to go back to session view. Therefor, after anytime I’m recording something, I have to share it to be saved, and then to reinstall Loopy (which sucks, because I’m loosing all my sessions in this way).

    Would be more than thankful if you could guide me in this way or update the product.

  2. Noemi
    Posted July 24, 2013 at 7:49 am | Permalink

    Hi Michael! I’ll do that. Thanks for the fast reply!