Update: Loopy 2.1.1 and Loopy HD 1.0.1

Loopy 2.1.1Updates to Loopy and Loopy HD have just hit the App Store!

Loopy 2.1.1 and Loopy HD 1.0.1 feature a number of bug fixes and iOS 5 compatibility fixes, as well as a few new features:

Configurable fade-in and fade-out

With this switched on, and with mute count-in/count-out enabled, the second tap on a playing or muted track will begin a fade in or out. A third tap will immediately play or mute the track. Without mute count-in/out, the first tap begins fade, the second plays or mutes immediately.

“Re-record” function

When clearing a track, this new function will cause the track to clear and begin recording again at the start of the next loop (or straight away, with count-in off)

“Chained mute” feature

If you mute a track (or tracks) while another track is counting in to record, then the muted track(s) will only mute after the recording ends, instead of at the next loop.

I hope you like the changes! Stay tuned for more.

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